photoqatarHi.  I’m John Hooker, a professor of business ethics at Carnegie Mellon University.  I created this blog to provide a forum for analyzing ethical dilemmas in a rational way.

I analyze each dilemma, based on the principles described under How to analyze.  You may need to look at these to understand what I am talking about.  You can also contribute to the discussion.

  • Recently posted dilemmas appear below.  To view all the dilemmas by category, click the topics on the left.
  • To contribute your dilemma, write it as a comment on this post.  I will convert it to a separate post so it can be categorized.
  • To help with someone else’s dilemma, reply to it.
  • For anonymity, omit your email address and website, and use a screen name.  Your post will be accepted without identifying information.

About John Hooker

T. Jerome Holleran Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Tepper School of Business Carnegie Mellon University

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