• To see the dilemmas posted so far, click the category in the sidebar that interests you.
  • To post an ethical dilemma, leave a comment on the Welcome post.  After approving your comment, I will convert it to a separate post and place it in the appropriate category.
  • To analyze someone’s dilemma, reply to it.  To comment on someone’s analysis, reply to it.
  • Comments are displayed in chronological order, beginning with the oldest.
  • For anonymity, omit your email address and website, and use a screen name.  Your post will be accepted without identifying information.  There is no need to register with the blog.
  • Your analysis of another’s dilemma should contain reasoned argument, not just opinion.
  • I screen all comments before publishing them.  Personal, offensive, inflammatory, incoherent, or irrelevant comments will be deleted.
  • I may edit dilemmas for grammar, clarity and brevity, because they serve as the basis for a discussion.  Replies receive little or no editing.
  • See How to analyze for some guidance on how to analyze an ethical issue.
  • Some posts are transferred from other forums in which my students contributed ethical dilemmas.

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